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About The Money Box

Fundsy Conscious Money box, is a money box designed for young people, attempting to conjure up new thoughts around money. Encouraging our youth to consciously make decisions about how to circulate money in a positive way. It provokes thoughts beyond ‘right now’ and ‘instant gratification’. It subtly inspires a balance between spending money and enjoying a purchase, saving to achieve a goal, giving and being immersed in the joy giving can bring, and growing money through investing and planning for the future. Fundsy Conscious money box attempts to empower our future generations to be creative, feel confident, generous and capable with their money so they have the power to make a positive impact in their own life, their home, community and world.

 Annnnnd.... we've used sustainable bamboo, because were keeping the planet at the forefront of our childrens future.

We encourage parents to use the money box as it fits with their beliefs within their family life. Whether you decide to give pocket money or not, whether you give only for chores or a simple allowance, we hope that children can learn some financial independence and conscious decision making.



The spend box introduces children to daily expenses and needs. It gives them a chance to spend their money with no regrets and know that they still have more money for bigger goals. It serves as an example to bills and daily living expenses for essential living. 

eg: Lunch Orders, contributing to clothes/shoes, contributing to sports/music tuition. 



The save box introduces children to setting financial goals. Choosing against an instant purchase in the pursuit of achieving something more. The satisfaction in setting a goal and achieving it.

eg: THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER! Save for a movie ticket or save for a car... the choice is theirs



The give box displays the beauty in living and giving. Learning that we can contribute to society and truly make a difference and the personal growth that comes with it. Giving can come in many forms, it doesn't have to be to a charity, purchasing something for a friend or sibling is equally as humbling, but giving should always be without conditions, this is where we truly grow as people.

eg: giving to your favourite charity, contributing to a fundraiser, buying someone flowers because they are sad.



The grow box introduces children to investing and business. Some very basic foundations for creativity and allowing money to grow into more. By spending some money or investing children can learn to watch their money grow. 

eg: High interest bank account, buying products cheap and selling them for more, buying some equipment to start a small business, buying shares.