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Hi there! We are Joanna, Hayden and our 3 children, Harriet (Hattie), Edward (Ed) and Walter (Wally). We live on the Fleurieu Peninsula of South Australia, and spend most of our time outdoors, playing sports, at the beach or river, riding bikes and just general getting dirty things! My (Joanna) working background involves mostly theatre nursing and working as a rep for an orthopaedic prosthesis company (between maternity leaves), while Hayden has worked in multiple fields including Landscaping, industrial manufacturing, and stock options trading. We’ve shared the ‘stay at home parent’ gig and juggled our hobbies in there to create an epic wonderful chaos. We are passionate about our parenting, we love to read and make educated choices around how we nurture our small humans, which is what has, in a long way around, lead us to the birth of Fundsy, our little passion project. When Hattie reached an age that she begun to show interest in money, we came up with this conscious money box idea so that we could teach her about money in a positive light in conjunction with some brilliant life lessons. We want our children to be excited about money, have fun with it, share it, and marvel in watching it grow. When friends begun to ask about it and get excited about it as we were, we decided to see if we could share this message and potentially contribute to creating a brighter future through the next generation! We hope to positively impact many peoples lives through the Fundsy Conscious Money Box, as our youth learn to give and grow and spread these messages. We hope you can join us on this journey.

Peace, Love and Sunshine

J + H and the smalls


Our Mission Statement: To create a community of young people who are thinking outside the box (mind the pun). Who can think positively about money and circulate money for the greater good. Our young people are our future, we want to provoke and encourage having fun with money but also elevated thoughtfulness.